cheesemonkey wonders

cheesemonkey wonders

Monday, August 1, 2016

Scan in your best worked examples #MTBoSBlaugust

This is going to be a short post because I am trying to take my own best advice:

Scan in your best worked examples.
Let me repeat that: Scan in your best worked examples. Scan in your best worked examples.

And if you are just joining us... today's advice is: scan in your best worked examples.

I spent about 2 months working through every problem on every page of Exeter Math 1. All 91 pages of problem sets. And finally, today is ScanFest 2016.

I first learned this advice from Sam Shah (of course), and it bears repeating. Your frazzled, middle-of-the-year self will thank you for it.

And now, back to scanning.


  1. What do you do with the examples once you've scanned them?

    1. It's just for me. I make pedagogical notes as I go, and I sometimes work different solution paths. So it becomes a teaching resource for me, one that is better than just an answer key.

      The lasting benefit comes in subsequent years, when I may not remember what was effective about a particular problem.

      Hope this is helpful!

      - Elizabeth (@cheesemonkeysf)

  2. I think I missed it... what was the daily advice? :)

    Seriously though, what a great idea because you could then cut out a snippet to share with students to model certain techniques. Thanks!