cheesemonkey wonders

cheesemonkey wonders

Friday, January 15, 2016

NEW STRATEGY: having students introduce themselves to Talking Points by way of a deleted scene

I wrote another one of my "deleted scenes" from various Hollywood movies as a way to get students to introduce themselves to Talking Points.

I think this is my best idea yet.

Here is a link to the deleted scene, on the Math Teacher Wiki:

                 Intro to Talking Points and inequalities - Harry Potter.pdf

Students do so much better a job of monitoring their own use of the structure. I think this makes them "own it" more.

After only two weeks, they now groan dramatically at my corny situations. But they secretly (and not-so-secretly) love it. They dive right in, choosing roles and reading dramatically.

The whole thing takes about 7 minutes.

Let me know what you think!


  1. It looks brilliant.

    (I'm not ready to try this for this semester. I hope you'll talk about it in the summer, so I remember I'd like to try it in the fall!)

  2. I love it. I still have not pulled the trigger on trying talking points in my classroom because I've still not really understood the process, but that really helps me. Would you have the students read this together first before actually doing talking points so they get the process before actually trying one? How many talking points do you usually do at a time.