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cheesemonkey wonders

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Geometry Vocabulary Game, courtesy of the MTBoS (a collaborative effort)

Through an amazing collaborative effort on Twitter that took, like, all of 15 minutes, the collective hivemind of the #MTBoS came up with a great way to teach/reinforce vocabulary using Maria Anderson's tic-tac-toe style of Block games.

Most of the needed resources are referenced here on my Words into Math blog post.

I just added a bunch of new files to the Math Teacher wiki, including blank vocab cards so the kids can make up their own practice cards.  I make cards in Pages, so I'm also including the PDF and an exported Word doc version.

BLANK TEMPLATE Words into Math Block game cards.pages

BLANK TEMPLATE Words into Math Block game cards.pdf

1-3 Words into Math Block game cards LEVEL 1 SIDE A.doc

1-3 Words into Math Block game cards LEVEL 1 SIDE B.doc

1-3 Words into Math Block game cards LEVEL 1 SIDE B.pages

1-3 Words into Math Block game cards LEVEL 1 SIDE A.pages

Here's a link to the gameboard.

And voilà! A vocab activity for Geometry is born.

When we receive the Oscar for this production, credit should go to Teresa Ryan (@geometrywiz), Julie Reulbach (@jreulbach), Kate Nowak (@k8nowak , aka The High Priestess), Sam Shah (@samjshah), Tina Cardone (@crstn85), Michael Pershan (@mpershan), and if there's room left in the credits, me too.

UPDATE (08-Aug-14):

Two things:

Thing 1 - I made an actual set of Words into Geometry cards (double-sided) because I want to be ready to have students actively practice. You can find the file here on the Math Teacher's Wiki: Words into Geometry game cards.

Thing 2 - I'm decided to use lima beans and pinto beans as counters for block games in Geometry because I am going to have a lot more students than I've had in the past! These will never go out of style and will always be replaceable as needed.


  1. Ok, that was mad fast girl - esp since you've also been non-stop tweeting. Color me impressed!