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cheesemonkey wonders

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Noticing and Wondering as a practice with my 6th graders

When I'm using MARS tasks with my 6th graders, I have found no structure to be more effective in aligning their attentions and energies to the task than the Math Forum's Noticing and Wondering structure.

We kind of go into a "noticing and wondering" mode, in which we are choosing to limit our our monkey mind attention to just plain noticing and we let go of any other kind of attention that comes up during that cycle.

Noticing, in particular, is a quiet and nurturing structure for kids to simply be present with what they notice. We are not privileging noticings or knocking down noticings, we are simply welcoming them as valued and arriving guests.

6th graders love having a structure, so they loved the structure of noticing. Then once we'd heard from everybody,we did a round of noticing. It's powerful when space is allowed to sit with this first round of work.

Look at all these amazing insights they had:

We took a little time to admire this collection. It's a great list!

They even did great a great job of thinking about the value of doing noticing and wondering at the start. The first item from the link is from @fnoschese, whose wisdom even my middle schoolers can grasp.

Doing this task together and then talking about it made students reflect in deep ways about what kinds of growth processes were going on for them.
I just wanted to share this one implementation for anybody who is interested in ways you can use this.

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  1. I love whomever said "noticing helps you wonder and wondering helps you notice."

    Can I steal that student from you?