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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Favorite Tweets #13 - gathered on behalf of Sam Shah

For those of you who follow Sam's favorite tweets, here are some of the highlights since June 15th, when Sam first nominated me to hold the fort while he is off developing professionally.

Sam will, of course, republish these on his own site but these should tide you over until his return.


@sarcasymptote - My fellow teachers call me the copy machine whisperer, but really I think I'm just the only one who knows how to read.

@dandersod - @sarcasymptote and hopefully the only one who can read twitter, haha.

@sarcasymptote - @dandersod you've overestimated my tact. While fixing it, I told everyone, "all you have to do is follow the goddamn instructions."


@sarcasymptote - @fnoschese @torquedu @calcdave @physicscarp @gotphysics there are tons of videos of eastern europeans doing stupid shit that shows physics


@samjshah - @cheesemonkeysf would you like to create the next favorite tweets? I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks and won't be crazy tweeting.

@k8nowak - @samjshah I 2nd the nomination of @cheesemonkeysf to make the next Favorite Tweets.

@cheesemonkeysf - @samjshah You mean because I am totally wasting time instead of working on my SBG gala post for @lmhenry9 who is slaving away?

Sure. ;-)

@cheesemonkeysf - @k8nowak @samjshah  OK, but you realize there's going to be some insane stuff in there.

@k8nowak - @cheesemonkeysf @samjshah Natch. Kind of counting on it actually.

@calcdave - @cheesemonkeysf @k8nowak @samjshah  The insane stuff is my favorite! #favourite


@samjshah - @Mythagon can we also make anything vegetarian from ? and eat again? YES! we will do these things!

@cheesemonkeysf - @samjshah @mythagon Now I'm sad. There's TONS of great vegetarian recips on .

@samjshah - @cheesemonkeysf @mythagon why don't you just come on by utah

@cheesemonkeysf - @samjshah @mythagon Do they allow drop-ins at PCMI? Or would I just be your chef-slave? ;-)

@Mythagon - @cheesemonkeysf @samjshah I like the idea of a chef-slave. I'd be willing to hide you in my room.

@samjshah - @Mythagon @cheesemonkeysf  awesome... i think this is going to work out just fine

@park_star - @Mythagon @cheesemonkeysf @samjshah  why to to Utah and be a chef-slave when you can go to SK and be a chef-slave? Real novelty is a SK vacay

@samjshah - @Mythagon @cheesemonkeysf don't listen to @park_star! you need a passport to go there, while you just need a unicorn ponycorn to go to UT

@park_star - @samjshah @mythagon @cheesemonkeysf lies! Unicorns and their riders are admitted w/out passports. 


@sophgermain - Post coming later. Lots of feelings.

@park_star - @sophgermain feelings? Like you need a hug? Good thing you're moving closer to @samjshah

@samjshah - @park_star @sophgermain  oh, I am weird about hugs. so ... maybe.

@k8nowak - @samjshah @park_star @sophgermain  He IS weird about hugs. You have to throw yourself at him. And have inertia. Yall are probably too skinny.

@cheesemonkeysf - Dear @k8nowak, Thanks for the tip about the need to take a running start if you want to hug @samjshah /cc @park_star @sophgermain

@k8nowak - @cheesemonkeysf don't underestimate the element of surprise, too.


@sarcasymptote - @samjshah @sophgermain  I like the idea of that being a euphemism. "continuous everywhere but differentiable nowhere IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN"


@sarcasymptote - Holy shit, these fucking copiers are fucking pissing me the hell off.

@fnoschese - @sarcasymptote Don't hold back, Greg. Tell us how you really feel about those copiers.

@sarcasymptote - @fnoschese @btwnthenumbers @cheesemonkeysf I did unleash a tirade that included "holyf***************************tch" in the copy room, + 100 more.

@Mythagon - @sarcasymptote @fnoschese @btwnthenumbers @cheesemonkeysf have you tried threatening it with glitter?

@fnoschese - @Mythagon @sarcasymptote @btwnthenumbers @cheesemonkeysf Have you tried your Sonic Rainboom yet?  cc: @samjshah

@samjshah - @fnoschese @Mythagon @sarcasymptote @btwnthenumbers @cheesemonkeysf that's a pretty fantastic superpower


@ddmeyer - The Two Lies of Teaching: If I say it, they will learn it. If I don't say it, they won't learn it.

@k8nowak - @ddmeyer re 2 lies of teaching STOP STEALING MY VIRTUAL CONFERENCE POST. j/k but seriously. weird.

@sophgermain - @k8nowak you're already thinking about your virtual confgerence post? damn.

@k8nowak - @sophgermain yeah it has sparkly rainbows and everything. @sarcasymptote and @ThinkThankThunk are gonna eat it up.

@cheesemonkeysf - @k8nowak @sophgermain @sarcasymptote @thinkthankthunk Oh please. Enough with the sparkly rainbows. Like they need any more encouragement.

@k8nowak - @cheesemonkeysf @sophgermain @sarcasymptote @thinkthankthunk too late. the sparkly rainbow IS IN.

@sarcasymptote - @k8nowak - @cheesemonkeysf @sophgermain @thinkthankthunk NICE! I haven't thought much about where I'm going with mine yet.

@park_star - @cheesemonkeysf @k8nowak @sophgermain @sarcasymptote @thinkthankthunk  UNICORNS!!!


@sarcasymptote - @park_star @cheesemonkeysf in regards to eating habits? I was always really confused by the pyramid, but I GET THE PLATE NOW.
(read from bottom up)


@k8nowak - Subject line in email from @Sephora: "Tan for Free" Halfway expected body of email to say "Go outside, dumbass." It doesn't. Weird.



@samjshah - "In their report, performance is described in terms of the content and process task demands of the subject matter and the nature and..."

@samjshah - "...extent of cognitive activity likely to be observed in a particular assessment situation." BORING.



@jybuell - . @sophgermain just sent me a 3 word text w/ no spaces and one word spelled wrong. So yeah, sounds like they're having fun.

@jybuell - my phone was dead. also yea i was drunk.

@cheesemonkeysf - @samjshah Best line of the night goes to @btwnthenumbers: In re KA, someone asked, "What's the goal again?" BTN pipes up with, "Badges!"


@ddmeyer - Just ran into @jybuell at the JiffyLube. Weird, but not in a weird way.


@druinok - One thing I've learned this week - you guys have ruined me! :) I hold other teachers to a MUCH higher standard because of your excellence


@woutgeo - Found out today that replacing the radio in a civic is a PITA. OTOH, feeling very manly right now.


@sophgermain - dued, @woutgeo, I had dinner tonight with my parent volunteer who apparently went to your workship this year. #smallworld


@ThinkThankThunk - Let's try to stay positive about ed reform. Conversations about feasible fixes are better than this-is-why-it's-broken. We know. Chill.


@DianeRavitch - Teach for joy. Teach for beauty. Teach to touch students' hearts and stir their imaginations. Teach to make them care.


@fnoschese - The only two badges I am proud to show off... #FathersDayAcademy


@sarcasymptote - @infinigons since EVERYONE loves the guy working insanely on math problems in a bar on tuesday nights


@samjshah - great. our time was "planned from 8:30am-9pm. Now we have 3 readings and 3 written pieces to do. #waaaimtired

@samjshah - hm, still chugging away. it's 12.06. tired. #ugh #wowimtotallyawhinerwhenimtired


@park_star - I love summer time - everyone starts blogging up a storm!


@k8nowak - In geometry review, teacher: "distance formula? anybody?" kid: "r times t? *facepalm*

@ddmeyer - @k8nowak Feels dirty using Twitter as my gripe machine that's all. Tell me to get over myself.

@k8nowak - @ddmeyer oh at least 50% of my twitter use is "please validate my whining" so I can't talk. complain away.

@fnoschese - @ddmeyer @k8nowak Oh, c'mon. YOu know you love griping on Twitter. We all do. ;-)


@sarcasymptote - This typo (FROM OUR GRADUATION PROGRAM) seems almost too good to be an accident:

@sophgermain - @sarcasymptote amazeballs.


@untilnextstop - Math units should be organized around BIG IDEAS / themes in mathematics. Seems obvious but it's turning my world upside down. #klingsi11
@calcdave - @untilnextstop A month ago, I asked the district's Alg2 teachers what the main theme was for the class and they all threw up their hands.
@k8nowak - @calcdave @untilnextstop Funny, I would have said "maximize despair"

@calcdave - @k8nowak @untilnextstp Yeah, Alg2 seems to be our Franken-class, too. #everythingyouneedtoknowbutdoesntfitcoherentlyelsewhere

@jybuell - @calcdave @untilnextstop Alg 2 main theme is "things we can't put in other course so we're going to invent one"

@sarcasymptote - @jybuell @calcdave @untilnextstop  in Algebra 2 in NY, the main theme is, "cover so much shit that no one will like math in the end."

@k8nowak - The six stages of NY Alg2Trig Regents grading: disgust, disbelief, amusement, apathy, ice cream sandwiches, inebriation


@samjshah - How much do y'all miss me? I miss you! Wish I could hang out virtually with you!

@lmhenry9 - @samjshah I miss you bunches of sparkly rainbows and unicorns. Looking forward to when you can be back on Twitter.

@cheesemonkeysf - We are bereft without you. I can barely feed and dress myself any more.

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